The mission of the Huntsman’s Foundation is to inspire and enable disabled Americans, young and old, to get back into the outdoors. If you have a disability or are a veteran, and would like to get back into the outdoors, this is the place to let us know about you! That way as possible hunting or fishing events arise we can have a list of people that we may contact to see if they may be interested in attending.

The form is pretty straight forward, almost all the fields are required. If for some reason a question does not pertain to you just reply with NA or Not Applicable.

Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon!

**Our events are often videoed and/or photographed. By attending an event you give Huntsman’s Foundation and Huntsman’s Creed TV permission to use any video, audio, or photography of yourself for television, and any advertising or promotion of Huntsman’s Foundation and/or Huntsman’s Creed TV.




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