At a young age I fell in love with hunting. Once we were big enough to walk behind him, dad would take my brother and I pheasant hunting. I remember lying in bed the night before a hunt full of excitement just waiting for the alarm to go off. As I got older my love for hunting and providing food for my family only grew. I would spend every minute I could either hunting or doing something to prepare for a hunt.

On March 23, 2011 my life was completely turned upside down, I was working on a commercial building and broke through a piece of flooring and fell two stories. The fall broke my back and left me paralyzed from the waist down.

I will always remember lying in the hospital knowing that my life had been changed forever. How was I going to be able to pick myself up and get back to doing what I love so very much – hunting. With the help of God, family, and friends, I was able to get right back into the woods, actually hunting only 7 months after the accident.

Getting back into the outdoors was absolutely the best therapy I could ever have. Anyone, young or old who suffers a dramatic injury suffers as much mentally as they do physically. Getting back to hunting was exactly what I needed to feel normal again. It has helped me so much that I wanted to some how help other people who were in similar situations. I wanted to show others that no matter what life throws at you, you can pick yourself up and do the things you always loved, and to never give up. You may have to do things differently, but you can still do what you love to do.

Wanting to help others, and to lead by example are the reasons Rich “Bubba” Atwood and I started Huntsman’s Creed TV, which led to founding the Huntsman’s Foundation, a 501(c)3 Foundation designed to inspire and enable disabled veterans and children to get back into the outdoors and hunting and fishing.

Never Surrender, Never Give Up.

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