While growing up in central Ohio as an 8 year old boy my introduction to hunting and the outdoors was going rabbit hunting with family and friends every thanksgiving morning. That small game hunting sparked a fire in me and I couldn’t get enough of running around my grandfather’s 60-acre farm which we lived on, chasing wild game. At age 12 for Christmas I asked for a new BB gun but Santa had other plans. He gave me my first gun a 20 gauge/22LR over under.

At age 14 I asked for my first bow and Santa fulfilled my wishes again with a Fred Bear Whitetail II compound bow. I started chasing whitetails. I had very little success filling my tags for the first few years due to not having an archery mentor. I made many mistakes but finally I succeeded and harvested my first whitetail. From that point on small game became a secondary hobby and I became obsessed with chasing whitetails with any weapon I could during the respective season.

After college I moved back to Ohio and started quality deer management on my grandfather’s land. Planting food plots and passing up smaller bucks. I started taking friends hunting and trying to put them on deer. It gives me great satisfaction when I assist someone in succeeding on a trophy hunt.

At age 36 I started a Whitetail Outfitting business. Now at the age 48 my wife (Kimberly) and I are owners of T & K Outfitters (Ohio Whitetail Outfitting operation). For over 12 years now we have helped clients from all over North America have the chance to harvest a trophy whitetail. During this 12-year period we have made some great friends, such as Tony Grasso, and Bubba. We all have a passion for the outdoors and helping people.

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