Zendal Carroll


I can remember my dad finally letting me go hunting with him when I was about 6. He bought me a Remington .410 shotgun and cut the stock down till my short arms could shoulder it and every Saturday was spent hunting small game with dad and the bird dogs. He enjoyed training English Pointers and with a pair of good dogs we always had friends and family ready to go hunting. I never had any time for any of the school sports, I was always in the fields and woods hunting or setting deadfalls for small birds and chipmunks.

When I was around 10, he introduced me to trapping fur. Living in rural Ohio, I had access to hundreds of acres of fields and swamps within walking distance for him to teach me what his father and uncles had taught him. It was only natural or me to be in the Outdoors, and to this day I am truly at peace in the Outdoors. Fishing was and always will be a lot of fun, but I’ll always love the animals, big and small. Sometime during my schooling, we began training coon hounds and for many years, hunting with hounds and trapping foxes, raccoons beaver and muskrats was the only thing I wanted to do.

Trapping and Hunting took all of my time all through my school years. Once out of school and working for a living, Hunting and Trapping took a backseat until my brother and I began filming for a small Outdoor show we started in 2002. Now, 16 years later, I Produce Outdoor TV and have worked with some of the well known people and shows on National TV and hunted and filmed most of North America. I couldn’t have found a more perfect way of life to fit my dreams growing up.

Earlier in 2018 when I was introduced to Tony and Bubba, I was totally comfortable with everyone involved and I knew I had found the perfect project for the knowledge and experience I had gained during the last 16 years doing the only thing in life I truly love to do. With this group of guys working together, the Huntsman’s Foundation and Huntsman’s Creed TV will definitely make a difference in the lives of many Disabled Americans. Huntsman’s Creed is not only a hunting series, it is a story of real people who love the Outdoors and the tragedies and experiences that have affected their lives and families. Everyone involved pours their heart into the project and make a great team to work with. Huntsman’s Foundation and Huntsman’s Creed TV will Inspire and Enable many disabled children, veterans, and anyone with a disability to get back into our Great Outdoors.

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