Season 2

The next step, putting words and dreams into ACTIONS! Season 2 introduces you to the great people that come to Huntsman’s Foundation events and focuses on their amazing stories. Showing the impact on peoples lives through the Huntsman’s Foundation and their mission:

To inspire and enable disabled Americans, young and old, to get back into the outdoors! 

S2 E1 – Youth Spring Turkeys

12/30/2019  |  21:30

Zeke Hembre and Dylan Durbin start off the Youth Spring Turkey Season on the Huntsman’s Foundation Property in Kentucky.

S2 E2 – Kentucky Velvet

01/06/2020  |  21:30

Huntsman’s Foundation hosts Dennis Sprik and Kenny Maynard on a Kentucky Velvet Whitetail Hunt.

S2 E3 – Veterans Spring Gobbler Hunt

01/13/2020  |  21:30

Veterans, Rick Bell & Shawn Wolfe, arrive at the Huntsman’s Foundation property in Kentucky for some Spring Turkey action!

S2 E4 – Black Bear Adventure

01/20/2020  | 21:30

This week we head up to Saskatchewan with Buck Paradise Outfitters with Co-hosts Tony Grasso & Richard Atwood as they go on their first ever Black Bear Hunt.

S2 E5 – Kentucky Rifle

01/27/2020  | –:–

Kentucky rifle season with Huntsman’s Foundation guests Keith, Terry, & Mike.

S2 E6 – Chasing Turkeys

02/03/2020  | –:–

Huntsman’s Foundation guest Zack, joins Co-hosts Tony Grasso & Richard Atwood in Kentucky as they try their luck on some Spring Gobblers.

S2 E7 – To be announced

02/10/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S2 E8 – To be announced

02/17/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S2 E9 – To be announced

02/24/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S2 E10 – To be announced

03/02/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S2 E11 – To be announced

03/09/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S2 E12 – To be announced

03/16/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S2 E13 – To be announced

03/23/2020  |  –:–

To be announced.

S1 E1 – The Introduction

04/01/2019  |  21:30

Tony Grasso and Mike McCabe introduce the Huntsman’s Creed TV series. Discussing the direction and goals of the Huntsman’s Foundation. To Inspire and Enable Disabled Americans to get back into the Great Outdoors.

S1 E2 – Tony Grasso Story

04/08/2019  |  21:30

Tony remembers the accident and the changes in his life. Leading to his desire to help other disabled Americans through Huntsman’s Creed TV and the Huntsman’s Foundation.

S1 E3 – Mike McCabe Story – P1

04/15/2019  |  21:30

Mike takes the viewers back to that day in 2008 when a fall from a tree stand while hunting black bears totally changed the direction of his life. Mike recovers and takes another Pope and Young Buck that same fall.

S1 E4 – Mike McCabe Story – P2

04/22/2019  |  21:30

Mike takes the viewers back to that day in 2008 when a fall from a tree stand while hunting black bears totally changed the direction of his life. Mike recovers and takes another Pope and Young Buck that same fall.

S1 E5 – Richard “Bubba” Atwood Story

04/29/2019  |  21:30

“Bubba” has helped and hunted with Tony and Mike and has shared the goals of Huntsman’s Foundation since the very beginning. Follow along as he hunts with Tony, Mike, his son Parker, and any other hunter he can help while passing the tradition of Hunting on to others.

S1 E6 – Saskatchewan Black Bears

05/06/2019  |  21:30

Mike travels to Saskatchewan to hunt Black Bears with a trusted Outfitter. The Wheels don’t slow Mike down as he follows his Passions into the Canadian Wilds.

S1 E7 – Jordan’s Season

05/13/2019  |  21:30

Huntsman’s Foundation Crew Member Jordon York has some free time and he spends it hunting Turkeys and Whitetails in Central Kentucky with his little brother and close friends. When he’s not working with the Foundation, he’s hunting something with somebody.

S1 E8 – Kentucky Velvet

05/20/2019  |  21:30

Huntsman’s Creed TV Co-Host Tony Grasso and Crew Members Bubba Atwood and Jordon York bow hunt early season Velvet Whitetails in Central Kentucky. Pope and Young Whitetails are on the hit list for these early season hunters.

S1 E9 – Mike’s Whitetail History

05/27/2019  |  21:30

Huntsman’s Creed TV Co-Host Mike McCabe shares some of his Ohio Whitetail bow hunts he has enjoyed since his accident.  Follow along as he chases and takes some great Buckeye State Whitetails over several years.

S1 E10 – Hunting Florida with Jackie Bolin

06/03/2019  |  21:30

The Huntsman’s Creed TV cameras travel to Florida to hunt the Ross Hammock Ranch with Facebook Hunt Give-away winner Jackie Bolin. Jackie hunts for a trophy hog and Tony Grasso, after a cancelled Gator hunt, searches for a trophy Corsican Ram and an Asian Water Buffalo.

S1 E11 – Newfoundland & Alberta

06/10/2019  |  21:30

Crew member, Lance Clark travels to Newfoundland for a trip of a lifetime to hunt Moose with Portland Creek Outfitters. Mike McCabe is in Alberta hunting trophy Black Bears with Tyler McMahon.

S1 E12 – Young Guns are Back

06/17/2019  |  21:30

The young hunters of the Huntsman’s Creed TV Crew are back hunting Whitetails in Central Kentucky on the Foundations Land. Follow along as Dante, Parker, Jensen, and Travis take to the Deer woods and put meat in the freezer.

S1 E13 – The Evolution

06/24/2019  |  21:30

Tony and Mike talk about the people involved in getting Huntsman’s Creed TV up and going and reflect on the progress of the Huntsman’s Foundation and its goals. The show describes the Direction of the TV Series and the Growth of the Foundation in 2019.